Virtual Guided Tours - Cultural Heritage and 360° Virtual Tour - 360° Multimedia Virtual Tours: design and implementation of 360° Interactive Multimedia Virtual Tours

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Virtual Guided Tours - Cultural Heritage and 360° Virtual Tour

Virtual Guided Tours

Virtual Guided Tours

A Video Conference system integrated with the Virtual Tour

This exclusive feature allows multiple users, previously invited, to connect to the virtual tour at the same time and start a "guided" tour, complete with audio and video of the various participants.

It is a real interactive visit within the Virtual Tour, guided and commented live by a person in charge of the activity.
Unlike other "non-dedicated" systems, the "virtual guided tour" is an immersive system: the user has the sensation of moving in a three-dimensional environment while he is accompanied by the voice and video of the guide, with which he can speak.

The guide will move around the tour, his movements and actions will be replicated in real time on the screens of the participants and can be seen and heard by them. Participants can follow the tour, interact with it through the multimedia icons, explore an environment independently at any time and, finally, be able to return to the guided tour when they wish.
This feature allows you to open up to new markets such as that of users logistically distant from the Cultural Property (or from the Store, the shop, the exhibition ...), unable to go there due to physical problems (the elderly for example), economic or, more simply, due to lack of time, but above all to the foreign market, thus managing to further enhance our historical-cultural heritage.
The function can be activated and deactivated as desired: if deactivated, the Virtual Tour is normal.

No additional video conferencing software is required (Zoom, Meeting, Skype ...): the Virtual Tour made by us is sufficient.

The "virtual guided tour" represents a new opportunity to expand the offer of services in the tourism sector.

Useful in Showrooms, in the Cultural Heritage sector, in the Tourism sector and in the Real Estate sector and, in general, in any sector where direct intervention by a manager and / or an expert is required in real time: a sales manager who accompanies the customer (or more customers at the same time) in their showroom, a tour guide who illustrates the beauties of an Abbey or a Museum, a real estate agent who visits a prestigious apartment, a sales manager who visits the interiors of a yacht ...
Virtual Tour
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