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Virtual Reality: Marketing & Communication

The 360° Multimedia Virtual Tour

The 360° Interactive Multimedia Virtual Tour is one of the most successful marketing and communication tools on the Web: the emergency linked to the CoronaVirus has consolidated its use in the most disparate fields and market sectors.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the related travel and aggregation limitations have dealt a severe blow to companies that make the relationship and physical relationship with people a key selling point.

The Interactive 360° Virtual Tour allows you to create paths of images to explore: thanks to the union of 360° spherical panoramic photographs, photo albums, soundtracks ... it returns a reproduction of spaces and environments closer to reality, both be it indoors or outdoors.

The ability to connect multiple environments to each other through sensitive points (hotspots) arranged within the individual environments or on a map, allows you to easily move from one point to another on the Tour.

Alongside the usual website, the Interactive Multimedia Virtual Tour is the best tool currently on the market to show your products and services to customers.

No matter how well designed a website may be, it cannot transfer the emotions provided by a Multimedia Virtual Tour ... and the emotions are transformed into contacts and, often, into sales!

It is not a new technology as it has been around for years, but only recently, thanks to the introduction of new 360-degree high-definition cameras, low-cost virtual reality glasses and some particularly advanced editing software for production. of Virtual Tours in Html5 (the previous Flash technology was abandoned a few years ago after Google "deprecated" it), has become one of the most powerful communication and marketing tools.

It is not a video that has a fixed path and time duration: the Interactive 360° Virtual Tour is a free path (which can integrate video), and this is one of its main advantages compared to a video: it enhances spaces and environments and the visitor, thanks to his curiosity and his desire to explore, will stay longer on the website.
Also, generally, a Virtual Tour has lower costs than a video.

Examples of Multimedia Virtual Tours

Cultural heritage

Abbey of Chiaravalle Milanese

Showroom and Exhibitions

Flagship Store Cesar Milano

Tourism and Hospitality

International Camping Valledoria

Some features have been implemented in the displayed projects that will be better explained later:

- Multimedia: sound, audio guides, videos, photos, albums, documentation, web page integration ...
- Multilingual support: the virtual tour can be viewed in several different languages (Italian, English, French, German ...)
- Multilingual audio guides: a latest generation synthesizer is able to provide voice support in any language
- Virtual Guided Tours: it is possible to do "live" group guided tours within the virtual tour by a manager

Trend of Virtual Reality

Time spent by a user on a website
Without Virtual Reality
With Virtual Reality (5x)
Percentage of users on whom Virtual Reality has positively influenced
Potential increase in bookings / purchases with Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality Market: Expected Growth 2019/2025 (Billion $)
Sources: mordorintelligence, forbes, statista, techjury

If in the past it was enough to have a website with beautiful images, now customers need more efficient, more convincing means, in a word more "immersive": a process is underway where the virtual reality will increasingly represent an element of high business support and strong differentiation from its competitors.

Potential of a 360° Virtual Tour

The Virtual Tour allows an immediate and precise evaluation of spaces, goods and services to be presented on the web.

In the multimedia virtual tour it is possible to navigate in "immersive" mode between the environments, view maps/floor plans, insert a soundtrack and environmental noises, view icons that can open texts (including multilingual), photos, videos, audio guides and voice supports (also in this case multilingual), view documents in PDF format ...

The same smartphone can be inserted into a virtual reality viewer to have an even more immersive feeling in the Virtual Tour environment.

The Virtual Tour 360° is realized in "responsive" mode in order to adapt with a different interface if viewed on a Desktop or on a Smartphone.

The Virtual Tour is also a powerful training tool, able to combine the virtual visit of spaces and environments with the presentation of information (audio, video), all in an engaging and stimulating experience.

All this can be used in any sector: companies (production departments, Research and Development laboratories ...), cultural heritage (art galleries, museums, historic buildings ...), showrooms (furniture, cars and motorcycles). ..), commercial activities (catering, wine bars ...), professional firms (architects, law firms ...), real estate (villas, large apartments ...), nautical and naval industry (boats, yachts ...) , tourism and hospitality (villages, campsites, hotels, farmhouses ...), events, shipbuilding, sports and wellness centers ...

Marketing and Virtual Reality

Technological innovations continue to have a huge impact on digital marketing, and one of the most interesting tools of recent years is certainly Virtual Reality.
This tool has a lot to offer, especially in the field of communication and marketing: today there are almost 200 million users of Virtual Reality in the world.

The tastes and needs of today's consumers, especially millennials, are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and it is increasingly difficult to capture their interest.
This requires a change in the way of promoting and describing a product or service, which must be able to convey unforgettable emotions to leave positive impressions, capable of lasting for a long time.

Virtual reality offers the possibility of building user-based experiences characterized by a very high degree of interaction: the more the user is involved, the more the messages that are transmitted settle in his mind.
This peculiarity of virtual reality, combined with the curiosity that arouses its being an extremely innovative technology, makes it a powerful ally of corporate marketing.

The main features of Virtual Reality are:

It is exciting: it creates empathy by replicating the concept of "presence" with a high sensory impact and by influencing the areas of the brain responsible for perceptions and reactions.
It is immersive: this ensures that there are fewer distractions from the surrounding environment and more attention to the message.
It is a new technology: it therefore offers more visibility and benefits in media exposure;

Compared to a classic website:

It can hardly be considered exciting as it has no sensory impact.
It is definitely not an immersive technology as it provides a "flat" view.
As for being a novelty ... well we leave it to you to decide.

With regard to the fact that there is more attention to the message, some researchers have verified that Virtual Reality "makes you lose the notion of time": the user does not notice the time spent remaining inside the application for longer periods than normal Web sites.
This feature means that the marketing message reaches the user in a stronger and lasting way, also pushing the user to reconnect several times ... and more contacts also means, statistically, more sales.

It is a fact that in the world more and more companies with important brands invest capital in the creation of entire branded content campaigns based on Virtual Reality applications: the mission of brands is to offer users increasingly memorable and immersive experiences that can leave memories. indelible in the minds and hearts of their customers.

Features of our Virtual Tours


A dynamic, engaging and interactive experience

Through Multimedia, the visitor can access a large number of contents made up of information windows, images, videos, sounds ... which will also add the information function to the suggestive force.

All these contents will ensure that the Virtual Tour acquires a high interactivity allowing the visitor to personalize his visit each time in a different way and encouraging him, not only to stay longer, but also to come back for a new experience.
VirtualTour-360 - Multimedialità
Furthermore, all the contents of the Virtual Tour can be in "multilingual" mode: the language version is automatically detected and chosen when starting the Virtual Tour (via your browser), but it is always possible to change it at any time via a selector located in the main menu.

Virtual Guided Tours

A Video Conference system integrated into the Virtual Tour expressly dedicated to guided tours

This exclusive feature allows multiple users, previously invited, to connect to the tour at the same time and start a "guided" tour, complete with audio and video of the various participants.

It is a real interactive visit within the Virtual Tour, guided and commented live by a person in charge of the activity.
VirtualTour-360 - Visite Guidate Virtuali
Short video of the "Virtual Guided Tour" feature implemented by VirtualTour-360

The guide will move around the tour, his movements and actions will be replicated in real time on the screens of the participants and can be seen and heard by them (watch the video).

Participants can follow the tour, ask questions to the guide, explore an environment independently at any time and, finally, be able to return when they wish, to the guided tour.
No additional video conferencing software is required (Zoom, Meeting, Skype ...): the Virtual Tour made by us is sufficient.
VirtualTour-360 - Visite Guidate Virtuali
This feature allows you to open up to new markets such as that of users logistically distant from the Cultural Property (or from the Store, the shop, the exhibition ...), unable to go there due to physical problems (the elderly for example), economic or, more simply, due to lack of time, but above all to the foreign market, thus managing to further enhance our historical-cultural heritage.
The function can be activated and deactivated as desired: if deactivated, the Virtual Tour is normal.

Unlike other "non-dedicated" systems, the "virtual guided tour" is an immersive system: the user has the sensation of moving in a three-dimensional environment while he is accompanied by the voice and video of the guide, with which he can speak.

The "virtual guided tour" represents a new opportunity to expand the offer of services in the tourism sector.

Useful in Showrooms, in the Cultural Heritage sector, in the Tourism sector and in the Real Estate sector and, in general, in any sector where direct intervention by a manager and / or an expert is required in real time: an architect who accompanies the customer ( or more customers at the same time) in their showroom, a tour guide who illustrates the beauties of an Abbey or a Museum, a real estate agent who visits a prestigious apartment, a sales manager who visits the interiors of a yacht ...

Audio guides

A latest generation multilingual speech synthesizer

What could be more beautiful than listening to a narrator explaining what you are observing while visiting a museum or an art gallery?
Audio guides are a very useful tool for users of all ages, so useful that they are often not available and it is necessary to wait for some devices to be returned, cleaned and disinfected.
Furthermore, the audio guide / voice support can also be very useful for people who suffer from particular disabilities such as the visually impaired.

In the example, to listen to the audio guide, select the language and the speaker symbol
VirtualTour-360 has developed a versatile and innovative solution: the inclusion in the Virtual Tour of audio guides, also in multilingual version, created with a latest generation speech synthesizer capable of converting any text into an audio file, with excellent quality and can also be listened to from a common smartphone.

The solution, in addition to being easy to implement with rapid implementation times, has modest development and management costs.

QR Code

The junction between the physical world and the virtual world

The integration of the Virtual Tour with the QR Codes further increases the potential of this tool: the QR Code is the link between the physical world and the virtual world.

In fact, by reading a QR Code with a simple Smartphone or Tablet, for example in a room of a museum or on a particular kitchen model in a showroom, the Virtual Tour will open directly on a particular environment, or on a specific hotspot, without having to go all the way from the beginning.
VirtualTour-360 - QR Code
This feature, applicable to any of our Virtual Tours, can be used in those cases where there are very long routes.
For example:
- Museums and Art Galleries: entering a room and reading the QR Code, you can immediately view the closest works of art
- Large Wall Market: by reading the nearest QR Code, you can view the nearest shops and services
- Campsites and Tourist Villages: it is possible to distribute QR Codes within the structure. Reading them with a simple smartphone, you can immediately view the surrounding environment with the services available

Private Virtual Tours

A ticketing solution for viewing private or paid Virtual Tours

Sometimes a Virtual Tour must be made private, for example, if it is to be viewed for a fee (eg Art Galleries, Museums ...) or to have it viewed only by specific visitors (eg in the Real Estate, Nautical Sector ... ).

We are aware that creating password-protected confidential pages on your website is not easy.
Even more complex is managing access to these pages only to certain visitors authorized to view the Virtual Tour.

Private Virtual Tours

VirtualTour-360 has developed a solution, which makes available to its Customers, to make their Virtual Tours private: when viewing the Virtual Tour, the user is asked for a code that is valid for one day only.

From a reserved page, protected by a password, of our website, the owner of the Virtual Tour can quickly generate with a simple click, in complete autonomy and for each of his customers, a code for a specific date: when the visitor unlocks the Virtual Tour in the date indicated with the code received, an email will be sent automatically both to the visitor and to the owner of the Virtual Tour with the notification of the unblocking and also specifying on what type of device, desktop or mobile, the display took place.
The code generation application can also be integrated directly into the Customer's management software, thus without the need to connect to our website.

Once unlocked, the Virtual Tour will be viewable by the visitor even several times on the date indicated without the need to re-enter the code.
There are no limits to the generation of codes.

Navigable images and 360 ° videos

The detail and immersiveness that make the difference

360 Immersive Videos

Navigable images in High Definition to be able to view even the smallest details of a painting, a sculpture or, more generally, any object. Thanks to this particular type of dynamic navigable images, you will have the opportunity to present your products at their best, with unprecedented interactivity, to the benefit of your users' involvement.

The 360° video, or immersive video, is an emerging media that allows an exploratory experience within spherical films. The production of 360° video involves the use of special multidirectional filming technologies, capable of acquiring images simultaneously in spherical mode (a low resolution video was used to speed up the upload. VirtualTour-360 realizes 360° videos with resolution in 4K).
We also make traditional videos and videos with drones.

Virtual Reality Viewers

A completely immersive reality

VirtualTour-360 - Visori VR
The Virtual Tours developed by VirtualTour-360 can be viewed through a common virtual reality viewer (VR viewer).
In fact, to make the experience as real and immersive as possible, various technologies such as head tracking are used in these types of viewers.
Through this technology, the viewer detects the direction and movements of the head of the user wearing the VR viewer to determine the scene to be displayed and thus allow an even more realistic navigation within the environments.
Thanks to the 360° Virtual Tour the visitor will have the maximum freedom of navigation and will be able to customize his visit every time according to his interests.
The large number of multimedia contents such as sounds, images, videos ... which the user can access will also add to the suggestive force the information function.
The realistic impact and suggestion of the sounds that make the 360° Virtual Tour an exciting experience is certainly engaging

Who we are

VirtualTour-360 is a reality made up of a group of professionals with high technical skills, acquired in decades of experience, developed in the web and video-photography sector.

We have top quality equipment with 360° cameras, for spherical photos in HD (High Definition), operating in HDR (High Definition Range) and advanced software for stitching and editing of 360° Virtual Tours.

Our 360 ° Virtual Tours differ in that they can include multimedia content (which cannot be managed in Google Street View) such as audio, video, photos, photo albums, audio guides, radar maps, documents, links ... content capable of capturing the attention of the website visitor and that will ensure that the message reaches stronger than other competitors.

The HD Virtual Tours created by VirtualTour-360 represent a valuable and highly competitive promotional tool and their creation guarantees high visibility and the absolute certainty of distinguishing yourself in an innovative way from competitors.

All our Virtual Tours are made according to the latest standards in HTML5 and CSS3, using software for the assembly of a multinational company, present since 2005 in more than 70 countries and can be integrated into any website.
We no longer create Virtual Tours with Flash technology, now "deprecated" and no longer supported by Google.

Some Sectors in which we operate

Multimedia Contents

The multimedia contents that can be included in the Virtual Tour improve the information function and enhance the emotional impact
Tracks, icons, indications to personalize, inform and create emotions
Photos and photo albums to enrich the information
Access to video content for new suggestions
PDF files
Access to content in PDF format with the ability to view, download to your PC and print
Soundtracks to accompany the tour
Audio guides
Audio guides to provide specific information
Texts to provide maximum information
Links to pages on your website or to external websites

Customers and Partners

We work directly with the final customer and with partners such as web agencies, marketing and communication agencies ...

With the end customer we take the photographic shots at the customer's premises and then we mount the 360° Virtual Tour. At the end, the Virtual Tour is hosted on our server and the customer is provided with a link for its correct display on their website. Obviously we support him or his Webmaster for a correct installation of the link (however extremely simple procedure).

With the Partner, once involved, we take the photographic shots at the Partner's customer's premises and then mount the 360° Virtual Tour. Also in this case, the partner is provided with a link for its correct display.
If the Partner requests it, the Virtual Tour can be "branded" with its logo and the link to its website, thus providing it with greater visibility.

If you wish to use the "Virtual Guided Tour" functionality, the Customer or Partner will be provided with a USB key with the Virtual Tour software to be installed directly on the Customer / Partner server.

Project and Costs

The project for the creation of a Multimedia Virtual Tour consists of the following activities:

  • identify with the Client the objectives that are to be transferred to the Virtual Tour (the elegance of a Showroom, the emotion transferred from a work of art to a Museum, the accessibility of a venue, the atmosphere of a research and development...)
  • a first inspection for the verification of the spaces, the identification of the paths and the mapping / location of the hotspots
  • a second inspection for the realization of the HDR hector-rectangular images with a 360° camera (each photo is composed of three shots that with HDR technology will be composed into a single image)
  • organization of activities and coordination with the customer for the material to be included
  • creation of traditional photos, with HDR methodology
  • making the video in 4K, if required (of the venue, of the interview with the owner ...)
  • retrieval of all textual information that will be inserted in any graphics cards
  • retrieval of all the pdf documentation to be integrated into the Virtual Tour
  • audio / video post-production activities: choice and optimization of 360° files, color correction, video production, selection, synchronization, optimization and editing of clips, color correction and grading, audio control and cleaning, production of images in RAW format for environments and details and subsequent JPG optimization, files selection and optimization, color correction
  • design, implementation and testing of a "responsive" graphical interface in HTML5 and CSS3 of the Virtual Tour
  • assembly of the Virtual Tour with the insertion of all the multimedia material created, activation of the "Live Guided Tour" function, generation of the QR Code of the Virtual Tour
  • publication of the Virtual Tour on a VirtualTour-360 server: this mode allows an easier updating of the Virtual Tour in case the environments should change (for example an art gallery, a showroom ... activities subject to periodic restyling) in how much, in case of modification of the Virtual Tour, the version on the VirtualTour-360 server will simply be updated and automatically all the views, in all the websites where this is present, will be aligned to the latest version.

Our Virtual Tours can be viewed on any website.

The realization of a Multimedia Virtual Tour is a real project, therefore its cost is a function of variables that must be evaluated from time to time.

The main variables to be evaluated are:
  • the surface to be covered
  • the number of rooms / environments
  • the number of hotspots (panoramic shots taken with spherical cameras)
  • the complexity of the surface to be covered (simple e.g. a rectangle or complex e.g. irregular)
  • the length and complexity of the virtual path to be created (linear, branched ...)
  • the multimedia elements to insert (e.g. videos, photographs, pdf documents, links, audio files ...)
  • creation of 360° Videos / Videos
  • creation of navigable photos in High Definition
  • the development of the responsive graphical presentation interface
  • whether private or public
  • if in multilingual version
  • if with audio guides / voice support (multilingual) activated
  • if with activation of the "Virtual Guided Tour" function

Why a project in Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the Web of tomorrow: the Web of today provides us with access to knowledge, with Virtual Reality it will give us access to experience.

A project based on Virtual Reality is a winning choice for the future and is the reason why more and more companies, many of them with important brands, are moving in this direction.

Our projects can be articulated and expanded according to the budget and the needs of the customer and have sustainable costs for any reality, costs that can be amortized over a short period.

This is due to the fact that the experience we have acquired in previous projects and any templates already created can substantially affect the realization times and consequently the development costs.


Contact us and tell us about your project: together we will find the best solution.
Write an email to info(at)virtualtour-360.it or fill out the following form: you will be contacted shortly.
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