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Virtual Tour 360°

Virtual Tour: Multimedia and Interactivity

The 360° Multimedia Virtual Tour

The Interactive Multimedia 360° Virtual Tour is one of the most successful marketing and communication tools on the Web: the emergency linked to the CoronaVirus has consolidated its use in the most disparate fields and market sectors.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the related limitations on movement and aggregation have dealt a severe blow to businesses that make relationships and physical relationships with people a key sales element.

The Interactive 360° Virtual Tour allows you to create paths of images to explore: thanks to the union of 360° spherical panoramic photographs, photo albums, soundtracks... it returns a reproduction of spaces and environments closer to reality, both whether indoors or outdoors. The possibility of connecting multiple environments to each other via sensitive points (hotspots) arranged within the individual environments or on a map allows you to easily move from one point of the Tour to another.

Furthermore, along the path, icons connected to multimedia contents such as photos, videos, audio, vocal speeches, documents, links to websites... can be inserted, contents which make the exploration of the contents even more interesting for the user. environments.

Alongside the usual website, the Interactive Multimedia Virtual Tour represents the best tool currently on the market to show your products and services to customers.

However well created a website may be, it cannot transfer the emotions provided by a Multimedia Virtual Tour... and emotions are transformed into contacts and, often, into sales!

It is not a new technology as it has been present for years, but only recently, thanks to the introduction of new high definition 360 degree cameras, low-cost virtual reality glasses and some particularly advanced editing software for production of Virtual Tours in HTML5 (the previous Flash technology was abandoned a few years ago after Google "deprecated" it), has become one of the most powerful communication and marketing tools.

It is not a video that has a fixed path and duration: the Interactive 360° Virtual Tour is a free path (which can integrate videos), and this is one of its main advantages compared to a video: it enhances spaces and environments better and the visitor, thanks to his curiosity and desire to explore, will stay longer on the website.
Furthermore, generally, a Virtual Tour has lower costs than a video.

Have you never seen a multimedia Virtual Tour? Below we provide some examples of projects we have carried out in different sectors (some also have a sheet that briefly illustrates some project aspects):

Some of our Multimedia Virtual Tours

Cultural Heritage Sector

Cultural Heritage Sector

Chiaravalle Abbey Project

Showrooms Sector

Showrooms Sector

Molteni Mobili Cesar Project

Tourism Hospitality Sector

Tourism Sector

Camping Valledoria Project

Art Galleries Sector

Art Galleries Sector

Picasso Gallery Project

Restaurant sector

Restaurants Sector

Restaurant El Galet Project

Nautical Sector

Nautical Sector

Ranieri Shipyard Project

Real Estate Sector

Real Estate Sector

Blue Garden Project

Gamification Sector

Gamification Sector

Chiaravalle Abbey Project

Potential of a 360° Virtual Tour

The Virtual Tour allows an immediate and precise evaluation of spaces, goods and services that are intended to be presented on the web.

In the multimedia virtual tour it is possible to navigate in "immersive" mode between the environments, view maps/floor plans, insert a soundtrack and environmental noises, view icons that can open texts (including multilingual), photos, videos, audio guides and vocal supports (including in this case multilingual), view documents in PDF format...

The same smartphone can be inserted into a virtual reality viewer to have an even more immersive sensation in the Virtual Tour environment.

The 360° Virtual Tour is created in "responsive" mode so as to adapt with a different interface when viewed on a Desktop or on a Smartphone.

The Virtual Tour is also a powerful training tool, capable of combining the virtual visit of spaces and environments with the presentation of information (audio, video), all in an engaging and stimulating experience.

All this can be used in any sector: companies (production departments, Research and Development laboratories...), cultural heritage (art galleries, museums, historic buildings...), showrooms (furniture, car and motorbike showrooms. ..), commercial activities (restaurants, wine bars...), professional firms (architects, law firms...), real estate (villas, large apartments...), nautical and naval industry (boats, yachts...) , tourism and hospitality (villages, campsites, hotels, farmhouses...), events, shipbuilding, sports and wellness centers...

Some sectors of use

Multimedia Virtual Tours are very versatile and can be used successfully in different sectors:
Showrooms and Exhibitions

Production and Research and Development Departments
Furniture and Home Accessories

Real Estate

Sale and Rentals of Properties

Virtual Art Galleries

Photographic Art Galleries/Paintings

Cultural Heritage

Museums/Art Galleries/Historical Buildings

Tourism and Hospitality

Restaurants/Wine Bars



Gamification & Education

Applications for Education

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