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Virtual Tour 360°

Our Virtual Tour: Features and Functionalities

Features and functionalities of our Virtual Tours


A dynamic, engaging and interactive experience

Through Multimedia the visitor can access a large number of contents made up of information windows, images, videos, sounds... which will also add the informative function to the suggestive force.

All this content will ensure that the Virtual Tour acquires a high interactivity, allowing the visitor to personalize his visit in a different way each time and encouraging him, not only to stay longer, but also to return for a new experience.
VirtualTour-360 - Multimedialità
Furthermore, all the contents of the Virtual Tour can be in "multilingual" mode: the language version is detected and chosen automatically when the Virtual Tour is started (via your browser), but it is always possible to change it, at any time, via a selector located in the main menu.

Virtual Guided Tours

A Video Conference system integrated into the Virtual Tour expressly dedicated to guided tours

This exclusive feature allows multiple users, previously invited, to connect to the tour at the same time and start a "guided" visit, complete with audio and video of the various participants.
This is a real interactive visit within the Virtual Tour, guided and commented live by an activity manager.
VirtualTour-360 - Visite Guidate Virtuali
VirtualTour-360 - Visite Guidate Virtuali
Short video of the "Virtual Guided Tour" functionality implemented by VirtualTour-360

The guide will move within the tour, his movements and actions will be replicated in real time on the participants' screens and he can be seen and heard by them (more details and explanatory video).
Participants can follow the tour, ask the guide questions, independently explore an environment at any time and, finally, be able to return to the guided tour whenever they wish.
No additional video conferencing software is needed (Zoom, Meeting, Skype...): the Virtual Tour created by us is sufficient.
This functionality allows us to open up to new markets such as that of users who are logistically distant from the Cultural Property (or from the Store, from the shop, from the exhibition...), unable to go there due to physical problems (the elderly for example), economic or, more simply, due to lack of time, but above all to the foreign market, thus managing to further enhance our historical-cultural heritage.
The functionality can be activated and deactivated as desired: if deactivated the Virtual Tour returns to normal.

Unlike other "non-dedicated" systems, the "virtual guided tour" is an immersive system: the user has the sensation of moving in a three-dimensional environment while being accompanied by the voice and video of the guide, with whom he can speak.

The "virtual guided tour" represents a new opportunity to expand the offer of services in the tourism sector.

Useful in Showrooms, in the Cultural Heritage sector, in the Tourism sector and in the Real Estate sector and, in general, in any sector where direct intervention from a manager and/or an expert in real time is needed: an architect who accompanies the customer ( or more customers at the same time) in your showroom, a tourist guide who illustrates the beauties of an Abbey or a Museum, a real estate agent who shows you a prestigious apartment, a sales manager who shows you the interiors of a yacht...

Multilingual audio guides

A latest generation multilingual voice synthesizer

What's more beautiful than listening to a narrator explain what you're looking at while visiting a museum or art gallery?
Audio guides are a very useful tool for users of all ages, so useful that they are often not available and it is necessary to wait for some devices to be returned, cleaned and disinfected.
Furthermore, the audio guide/voice support can also be very useful for people who suffer from particular disabilities such as the visually impaired.

In the example, to listen to the audio guide, select the language and the speaker symbol
VirtualTour-360 has developed a versatile and innovative solution: the inclusion of audio guides in the Virtual Tour, even in multilingual versions, created with a latest generation vocal synthesizer capable of converting any text into an audio file, with excellent quality and can also be listened to from a common smartphone.

The advantages of the solution are:
  • Versatility: A speech synthesizer can play a wide range of languages, allowing you to adapt the audio guide to users' preferences.
  • Cost-efficiency: Using a speech synthesizer can reduce the costs associated with hiring actors or speakers to record audio guides.
  • Personalization: A speech synthesizer allows you to personalize the user experience, for example by offering a choice of voice gender or reading speed.
  • Upgradability: Synthesizer-based audio guides can be easily updated or modified to adapt to changes or new information.
  • Accessibility: Audio guides with synthesized speech are accessible for people with visual or hearing disabilities, allowing a wider audience to enjoy the information.
  • Linguistic flexibility: Voice synthesizers can reproduce different languages, allowing you to offer multilingual audio guides without having to record the voices of speakers native to each language.
  • Scalability: Using a speech synthesizer allows you to easily create audio guides for numerous tourist destinations or attractions, allowing for rapid expansion of audio tourism offerings.
  • Unnecessary hardware devices: the solution allows you to listen to the audio guide on your smartphone, therefore there are no costs for the purchase of hardware devices, nor maintenance/management/disinfection costs.

The solution therefore, in addition to being simple to implement with rapid implementation times, has modest development and management costs.

QR Code and Multilingual Audio Guides

Below is an example of how to create simple multilingual audio guides that can be activated by QR Code:
(simply point the QR Codes indicated with your smartphone: the audio guide will be displayed immediately. If you don't have an app to read the QR Codes, select the link behind the QR Code - only on smartphones)

Audio guide
The Cathedral of Milan

(smartphone only)

Audio guide
The Venus de Milo

(smartphone only)

Audio guide
The village of Alberobello

(smartphone only)

Navigable images and 360° videos

The detail and immersion that make the difference

VirtualTour-360: immagini HD

Video Immersivi 360

Images navigable in High Definition to be able to view even the smallest details of a painting, a sculpture or, more generally, any object. Thanks to this particular type of dynamic navigable images, you will have the opportunity to present your products at their best, with unprecedented interactivity, to the full benefit of the involvement of your users.

360° Video, or immersive video, is an emerging media that allows an exploratory experience within spherical films. The production of 360° videos involves the use of special multidirectional filming technologies, capable of acquiring images simultaneously in spherical mode (to speed up loading, a low resolution video was used. VirtualTour-360 creates 360° videos with resolution in 4K).
Thanks to the 360° Virtual Tour, the visitor will have maximum navigation freedom and will be able to personalize his visit each time based on his interests.
The large number of multimedia contents such as sounds, images, videos... which the user will be able to access will also add the informative function to the suggestive force.
The realistic impact and suggestion of the sounds are certainly engaging, making the Virtual Tour 360° an exciting experience.

QR Code

The junction between the physical world and the virtual world

The integration of the Virtual Tour with QR Codes further increases the potential of this tool: the QR Code is the link between the physical world and the virtual world.

In fact, by reading a QR Code with a simple Smartphone or Tablet, for example in a museum room or on a particular kitchen model in a showroom, the Virtual Tour will open directly on a particular environment, or on a specific hotspot, without having to go all the way from the beginning.
VirtualTour-360 - QR Code
This functionality, applicable to any of our Virtual Tours, can be used in those cases where there are very long routes.
For example:
- Museums and Art Galleries: by entering a room and reading the QR Code you can immediately view the closest works of art
- Large Wall Market: by reading the nearest QR Code you can view the nearest shops and services
- Campsites and Tourist Villages: it is possible to distribute QR Codes within the structure. By reading them with a simple smartphone it is possible to immediately view the surrounding environment with the available services.

Multimedia Content

The multimedia contents that can be included in the Virtual Tour improve the information function and enhance the emotional impact.
Paths, icons, indications to personalize, inform and create emotions
Photos and photo albums to enrich the information
Access to video content for new suggestions
PDF files
Access to content in PDF format with the ability to view, download to your PC and print
Soundtracks to accompany you on the tour
Audio guides
Audio guides to provide specific information
Texts to provide maximum information
Links to pages on your own website or to external websites

Private Virtual Tours

A ticketing solution for viewing private or paid Virtual Tours

Sometimes a Virtual Tour must be made private, for example, if it must be viewed for a fee (e.g. Art Galleries, Museums...) or to be viewed only by specific visitors (e.g. in the Real Estate, Nautical Sector... ).

We are aware that creating confidential, password-protected pages on your website is not easy.
Even more complex is managing access to these pages only to certain visitors authorized to view the Virtual Tour and only on a certain day.

Tour Virtuali privati

VirtualTour-360 has developed a solution, which it makes available to its Customers, to make their Virtual Tours private: when viewing the Virtual Tour, the user is asked for a code that is valid for only one day.

From a reserved page, protected by a password, of our website, the owner of the Virtual Tour can quickly generate with a simple click, in complete autonomy and for each of his customers, a code for a specific date: when the visitor unlocks the Virtual Tour in the date indicated with the code received, an email will automatically be sent to both the visitor and the owner of the Virtual Tour with the notification of the unlocking and also specifying on which type of device, desktop or mobile, the viewing took place.
The code generation application can also be integrated directly into the Customer's management software, therefore without the need to connect to our website.

Once unlocked, the Virtual Tour will be viewable by the visitor several times on the indicated date without the need to enter the code again.
There are no limits to code generation.

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VirtualTour-360: QR Code
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