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VirtualTour-360: Who we are

VirtualTour-360: who we are

We have 360° cameras, for HD (High Definition) spherical photos that create HDR (High Definition Range) images and advanced software for stitching and editing 360° Virtual Tours.

Our 360° Virtual Tours differ in that they can include multimedia content (which cannot be managed in Google Street View) such as audio, video, photos, photo albums, audio guides, radar maps, documents, links... content capable of capturing the attention of the website visitor and which will ensure that the message reaches us more strongly than other competitors.

The HD Virtual Tours created by VirtualTour-360 represent a valuable and highly competitive promotional tool and their creation guarantees high visibility and the absolute certainty of standing out in an innovative way compared to competitors.

All our Virtual Tours are created according to the latest standards in HTML5 and CSS3, using editing software from a multinational company, present since 2005 in more than 70 countries and can be integrated into any website.
We no longer create Virtual Tours with Flash technology, now "deprecated" and no longer supported by Google.

Some our projects

Customers and Partners

We work directly with the end customer and with partners such as web agencies, marketing and communication agencies...

With the end customer we take the photographic shots at the customer's premises and subsequently assemble the 360° Virtual Tour. At the end, the Virtual Tour is hosted on our server and the customer is provided with a link for its correct display on their website. Obviously we support him or his Webmaster for correct installation of the link (however extremely simple procedure).

With the Partner, once involved, we take the photographic shots at the premises of the Partner's client and subsequently assemble the 360° Virtual Tour. Also in this case the partner is provided with a link for correct viewing.
If the Partner requests it, the Virtual Tour can be "branded" with its logo and the link to its website, thus providing it with greater visibility.

If you wish to use the "Virtual Guided Tour" functionality, the Customer or Partner will be provided with a USB stick with the Virtual Tour software to be installed directly on the Customer/Partner's server.

Project and Costs of a Virtual Tour

The project to create a Multimedia Virtual Tour consists of the following activities:

- identify with the Client the objectives that are intended to be transferred to the Virtual Tour (the elegance of a Showroom, the emotion transferred from a work of art in a Museum, the accessibility of a room, the atmosphere of a laboratory of research and development...)
- an inspection to verify the spaces, identify the routes and map/place the hotspots
- creation of hectorectangular panoramic images with HDR technique with 360° camera
- creation of traditional photos
- creation of the video, if requested (of the venue, of the interview with the owner...)
- audio/video post-production activities: selection and optimization of 360° files, color correction, video production, selection, synchronization, optimization and editing of clips, color correction and grading, audio control and cleaning, production of images in RAW format for environments and details and subsequent JPG optimization, file selection and optimization, color correction
- organization of activities and coordination with the Customer for the material to be included
- retrieval of all the textual information that will be inserted into any graphic cards
- finding all the PDF documentation to be integrated into the Virtual Tour
- design, creation and testing of a "responsive" graphic interface in HTML5 and CSS3 for the Virtual Tour
- assembly of the Virtual Tour with the insertion of all the multimedia material created, activation of the "Live Guided Tour" functionality, generation of the QR Code of the Virtual Tour
- publication of the Virtual Tour on a VirtualTour-360 server: this mode allows easier updating of the Virtual Tour if the environments were to change (for example an art gallery, a showroom... activities subject to periodic restyling) since, in the event of a change to the Virtual Tour, the version on the VirtualTour-360 server will simply be updated and automatically all the views, in all the websites where it is present, will be aligned with the latest version.

Our Virtual Tours can be viewed on any website.
It is possible to have and view one of our Virtual Tours even without having a website.

For privacy reasons (people's faces cannot be displayed) and for better operational planning of the project, photographic shootings are carried out during weekends or, alternatively, on public holidays.

The creation of a Multimedia Virtual Tour is a real project, therefore its cost depends on variables that must be evaluated from time to time.
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